40*40 133*72 63“ cotton

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Min. Order:10000 pc
Keywords:grey fabric , popline , cotton textile
Origin:Made In China

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Company Namexinye textile co., LTD
Country/Region:He Nan - China
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Product Description

     A texture fine, smooth and lustrous plain cotton goods.Although and sheeting are plain, but the difference is larger: poplin hang down feeling good, can make more close, touch and visual rich;Thickness and sheeting is usually secondary to make very delicate touch, sensory guileless.
poplin This also use plain weave fabric ZhiZhi.Compared with plain cloth, than the average of its end spacing and the weft density is 1.8 ~ 2.2:1.Because the end spacing obviously greater than the weft density, fabric surface formed by the warp convex parts of diamond grain.ZhiZhi poplin fabric, commonly used cotton or polyester/cotton fine Tex yarn.Depending on the yarn is different, divided into yarn poplin, poplin (by the use of strand) half a line, line poplin latitude and longitude (to all) with thread.According to different spinning engineering, divided into general comb poplin and combed poplin.By weaving design and color, have hidden a hidden, poplin, satin, satin poplin, jacquard weave poplin, striped plaid poplin, sparkled poplin, etc.With the ecru poplin fabric printing and dyeing processing points, and has white poplin, variegated poplin and printed poplin, etc.All sorts of poplin fabric have cloth clean level off, the quality of a material is meticulous, grain full, glossy jade-like stone embellish is soft, soft waxy characteristics.But there will be a big drawback, poplin fabric with the sewing clothes easy to appear longitudinal crack, this is because the difference in poplin warp and weft density, warp and weft yarn strength between the imbalance, caused by the strength is greater than the weft strength nearly double the result.


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